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Singapore Astronomy Olympiad (SAO)

Singapore Astronomy Olympiad (SAO)

Practical Astronomy
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The Singapore Astronomy Olympiad or SAO  is an annual Olympiad and competition for Astronomy and Astrophysics organized by with the intent to pick people for the National Team in the International Olympiad for Astronomy and Astrophysics or IOAA.

Even though SAO is still mostly Physics and Astrophysics, over the years, the competition has been having more and more of a focus on Practical Astronomy and the Night Sky instead of being a purely theoretical paper.

HCAstro has been performing relatively well in the SAO every year, even producing 2 National Team Astronomers.

The full list of prize winners of past years can be found here.




SAO 2017 was HCI’s best showing yet,

Credit: LLacertae

achieving overall 2nd in the medals tally behind NUS High School and ahead of Raffles Institution. We, as HCAstro would like to congratulate all prize winners, not only those listed below for their achievement and would like to wish all those who have yet to receive a prize to remember our school motto of 自强不息,to not give up and to strive for the best in the next SAO.


Summarized Past Results for HCI

6th SAO (2018)

Yang Yuchen: 3rd Place (Gold)

Fong Ken Rui: 5th Place (Gold)

Mao Ziming: 6th Place (Gold)

Wong Jun Hui, Ryan: 8th Place (Silver)

Liauw Yong Tong, Claudia: 10th Place (Silver)

Tran Nguyen Manh Thien: 11th Place (Silver)

Wang Ming Chuan: 12th Place (Silver)

Chen Jiakai: 18th Place (Bronze)

Jeanne Ouyang Jian Jun: 21st Place (Bronze)

Wu Yuchan: 30th Place (Bronze)

Tham Kai Wen: 37th Place (HM)

Benjamin Luo: 42nd Place (HM)

5th SAO (2017)

Chen Xinhui: 3rd Place (Gold)

Bao Jiaqi: 4th Place (Gold)

Yang Junhui: 7th Place (Silver)

Nicholas Phung-Zhang: 16th Place (Bronze)

Mao Ziming: 19th Place (Bronze)

Zhang Zhiyuan: 21st Place (Bronze)

Tran Nguyen Manh Thein: 24th Place (Bronze)

Wu Xiaorun: 27th Place (HM)

Chen Jiakai: 30th Place (HM)

Wee Jiawei: 34th Place (HM)

4th SAO (2016)

See Ming Jie: 9th Place (Silver)

Mao Ziming: 13th Place (Silver)

Wee Jiawei: 28th Place (Bronze)

Pan Ruoxi: 29th Place (Bronze)

Nicholas Phung-Zhang: 35th Place (HM)

Ong Zhi Hao: 37th Place (HM)

Chew Rui Jia: 45th Place (HM)

Aloysius Tay: 47th Place (HM)

3rd SAO (2015)

Keven Loo Yu Qian: 1st Place (Gold) (IOAA)

Tai Yingzhe Tommy: 9th Place (Silver)

Seow Jeryl: 15th Place (Silver)

Nguyen Hoang Mai: 21st Place (Bronze)

Wang Jinhui: 22nd Place (Bronze)

Dai Tianxing: 23rd Place (Bronze)

Chee Hsin Yee: 32th Place (HM)

Lee Shi Qi Gladys:  42nd Place (HM)

Pan Ruoxi: 43rd Place (HM)

Nicholas Phung-Zhang: 46th Place (HM)

Beatrix Tung Xue Lin: 48th Place (HM)

2nd SAO (2014)

Theng Kwang Hui Mark: 3rd Place (Gold) (IOAA)

Lee Shi Qi Gladys:  12th Place (Silver)

Bernard Teo Zhi Yi: 15th Place (Bronze)

Lu Wenyu: 16th Place (Bronze)

Tai Yingzhe Tommy: 18th Place (Bronze)

1st SAO (2013)

Theng Kwang Hui Mark: 4th Place (Silver) (IOAA)

An Sitong: 6th Place (Silver)

New Jin Rui: 12th Place (HM)

Bernard Teo Zhi Yi: 13th Place (HM)


*Bolded Names Indicate Past Academics Head

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