In this extraordinary year of the Coivd-19 pandemic, our new batch of the executive committee was born. We are sincerely grateful for the seniors’ guidance and club members’ support. All six of us will dedicate ourselves to serving the club members in the next year and a half. Introducing to you HCAstro Exco 21/22:

president: Eugene Ong 21S6T
Vice President: Lu Xixun 21S6G
Academics IC: Tey Yi Fan 21S7B
Practical IC: Mabel You 21S6G
Quartermaster: Abner Lum 21S75
Secretary Treasurer: Ng Shi Hui 21S6A

Brought to you by 21/22 Exco Batch.

~Ad Lucem. Ad Astra. Ad Infinitum~

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