New Cabinet Appointed

With the start of a fresh CCA ExCo Term comes a new Cabinet. The 4th Cabinet would like to introduce to you the 5th cabinet, fresh faces who will serve HCAstro well for the upcoming exco term

President – Chen Jiaqi 20S71
Vice President – Zhao Wenkang 20S60
Welfare – Treasurer – Bernice Ang Jia Dai 20S6B
Practical IC – Ong Cheng Hee Xavier 20S67
Academics IC – Jiang Dongxiao 20S68
Quartermaster – Goh Kuan Chong Marcel

The 4th Cabinet would like to wish our successors all the best in their future endeavours, that they’d be able to tackle all that may come their way!

– Signing off for the last time,

The HCAstro 4th Cabinet Webmaster

On Behalf of the 4th HCAstro Cabinet

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