J1 Orientation 2017

J1 Orientation 2017

The start of the new year comes with the introduction of our new batch of J1 students! Hwa Chong Astronomy Club celebrated the joining of our J1s on 24th February with a mix of pizza, games and laughter. The awkward self-introductions quickly gave away to comfortable camaraderie as the games progressed and we saw the wonderful creativity our J1s have with the themed photo-taking activity, which assure us of a year of cringe-worthy jokes and fun.

*Inappropriate photos have been deleted

In the next station, our J1s put their investigative (and interrogating) skills to the test as they participated in the mass search for stars in the dark LT.  Both the Astro Trivia and charades station were met with excitement as the new batch of astronomers learnt of their seniors’ love of puns.


We hope everyone had a good time and look forward to the surprises our J1s will bring us this year! Here’s to another amazing year with HCAstro!


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