Thursday, The 8th of October, 2015


Welcome to the Hwa Chong Astronomy Club website! The Hwa Chong Astronomy Club is a Co-Curricular Activity in Hwa Chong Institution.

Legend has it that the Hwa Chong Astronomy Club was first established in the 1980s, when Halley’s Comet last passed by Earth. A HCI student petitioned the school to buy a telescope for this monumental occasion and succeeded. Henceforth, the Hwa Chong Astronomy Club was born.

The Hwa Chong Astronomy Club was re-established in December 2005 by Mak Yiing Chau, our club’s first president. When the club was established, it comprised a few members who had great interest in Astronomy. Since its nascence, the society has been increasing in strength over subsequent years.

The club has been organising events to educate students as well as the public on Astronomy. Events such as Perseids Watch 2007 and HCI- RJC Astrigue Challenge 2008 were pivotal in educating the masses on Astronomy and enabling our club to grow in strength.

In 2008, the club was conferred the Most Innovative CCA Award by the school. In 2018, our progress was strengthened with the school awarding HCAstro with the Most Excellent Service and Enrichment CCA award.

Hwa Chong Astronomy Club’s progress and achievements thus far can be attributed to the guidance and dedication of our teachers-in-charge: Dr Lim J. N., Dr D. Lommen, Mr A. Gow, Mrs I. Lim, Mr Ren X. H., Mr Lee Y. H., Dr Tan M. L., Mr Basil Chan as well as the support from our school, Hwa Chong Institution. As always, Hwa Chong Astronomy Club will continue to strive for greater heights, cultivating interest in astronomy among Hwa Chong students and contributing to the local astronomy scene.

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