Thursday, The 15th of September, 2016


HCI-RJC Astrigue Convention and Challenge

Astrigue is an Astronomy competition held in April every year, for Secondary School students around Singapore. Secondary schools will be invited to send teams down to compete in this event, to allow their students to gain a greater exposure to Astronomy, which is not taught as part of the schools’ curriculum. This event is held over two days, at HCI and RJC. The event consists of two parts; the Convention and the Project Round. Scoring is based on these two main rounds and the finalists will enter the Final Round. In the Final Round, teams will have to buzz in their answers for questions flashed on screen to gain points to propel their teams to victory!

Students need not have any prior experience in Astronomy, they only need the passion to learn and the willingness to put in the effort.

If you would like your school to participate in this event, contact us at!

Astrigue 2017

Astrigue 2016: Day 2 Final Round

Astrigue 2016: Day 2 Final Round

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