Saturday, The 3rd of March, 2018

The Astrodinary Convention

Permanent Astrodinary Logo

Astrodinary is a biennial convention held in HCI since 2018. It is organised by HCAstro with the advice from our seniors. In its current interation, it is a two part event that features a convention with invited speakers, as well as a game booth carnival, Astrodinary allows participants to enjoy a fun day out, having fun while learning more about astronomy.

All secondary schools and junior colleges are welcome to participate in Astrodinary, as students from the age of 13 to 18 are our target group. Why not come on down, and have fun learning about what makes up the night sky with us? Do get in touch with us to sign up for the event!

For 2020, watch out for our post here!

Do feel free to direct any inquiries to astronomy(at) or hcastro(at) should you have any questions.

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