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The Hwa Chong Institution Astronomy Club (HCAstro)

Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at the stars because we are human? Do the stars gaze back?

–Neil Gaiman

The Above quote by Neil Gaiman outlines the purpose of HCAstro: To Stargaze and wonder about the universe. The Hwa Chong Astronomy Club was first established in December 2005 by Chau Mak Ying, our club’s first chair. When the club was established, it comprised a few members who had great interest in Astronomy. Since its nascence, the society has been increasing in strength over subsequent years. The club has been organising events to educate students as well as the public on Astronomy. Events such as Perseids Watch 2007 and HCI- RJC Astrigue Challenge 2008 were pivotal in educating the masses on Astronomy and enabling our club to grow in strength. In 2008, the club was conferred the Most Innovative CCA Award by the school. Further on, the club has since hosted major events for HCI such as 2016 eclipse event and Night Under The Stars every year (NUTS). For more information, please have fun navigating through our page, we are sure that it provides alot of information

The Hwa Chong Astronomy Club offers its members the unique opportunity to further their interests in Astronomy and exposes them to various learning opportunities, collaborations in event-organising, as well as competitions to pit their skills against other astronomers.

Club Sessions

Regular club sessions are conducted every Friday 1900-2100++ at Hwa Chong Institution. These sessions are open to all Hwa Chong Institution students who have a passion in Astronomy. Contact us to register. During these sessions, members will be able to learn more about the different fields of Astronomy. These include Astrophysics, Cosmology, Astrophotography and more. We welcome all HCI students (and NYGH), Secondary or Junior College, to attend our club sessions.

Join the Hwa Chong Astronomy Club today!

The Hwa Chong Astronomy Club comprises members from the High School and Junior College sections of Hwa Chong Institution. Below are the members, past and present.

Astro Members 15/16



The Club is headed by Dr Tan Mei Leng and Mr Lee Yung Hei from Hwa Chong Institution, who have been constantly guiding us every step of the way. Thank you to Dr Dave Lommen, Dr Lim Jit Ning, Mr Arthur Gow and Mrs Lim Kng Yin Ling, Irene for helping to guide HCastro in the past,contributing much to the success of the Club today

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